Ready to start tracking your ads more effectively?

As promised, here is a simple tool for you to track your marketing efforts more effectively.
Here is how to proceed:

  1. Watch our ‘What is UTM‘ video
  2. Download the file securely on your computer
  3. Watch our ‘How to use our UTM tracking tool‘ video
  4. Upload it to Google Sheet if you want to use it online or simply use it on your local computer.
  5. Start putting your ad URL and all the other details as highlighted in the sheet (Source, Campaign, Medium).
  6. Copy the final URL
  7. Use that URL in your campaign (Email Campaign, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads)
  8. Make sure google analytic is installed on the destination URL
  9. Run your campaign or/and ads
  10. View the results of your effort in Google Analytic
  11. Rinse and repeat!
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